Assisting our clients in determining the overall feasibility of a project is central to the development process. We provide cost estimates and scope clarification of a potential project so that you know what to expect and how to budget.

Balance Quality & Cost

We want you to feel comfortable balancing quality and cost. We’ll recommend options and give you the information to make the best choice. All of our suggestions are based on extensive experience of construction costs and best practices as well as going rates for materials and labor.

Our Pre-Construction Service Includes:
  • Design concept review 
  • Project scope evaluation 
  • Conceptual budget proposal and review 
  • Preliminary drawing and specification assessment 
  • Value engineering ideas and concepts 
  • Regulatory agency requirements 
  • Risk assessment
Pre Construction
Pre Construction


Rest assured, we appraise each item and hand-select the most appropriate subcontractors for each project to get you the highest quality bid at the lowest possible cost. 

Once we know your project needs, we can give you an official bid to complete your project. Plus you’ll see an itemized list giving you complete insight to where every dollar is going.

Our Estimating Department Provides:
  • Professional bidding procedures 
  • Vetted subcontractor list 
  • Experienced personnel 
  • Detailed estimating documents